Ranger RCI-2970n2

Ranger RCI-2970n2

  • Brand: Ranger
  • Product Code: RCI-2970n2
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  • € 615.00

Ranger RCI-2970n2 € 615.00

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Ranger RCI-2970n2 Export

AM /FM 125 watt
SSB 200 watt

Freg. Range 24 - 32 MHZ


—  10 & 12 Meter Bands   Large Frequency Display with Dimmer
—  Improved Receiver Design   New Backlite Display
—  Variable Output Power Control   Active Frequency Scanner
—  Receiver Clarifier (±0.5kHz)


16 Programmable/Erasable Frequencies

—  Noise Blanker/ANL Circuitry —   Frequency Selector Lockout
—  Programmable Repeater Offset  Public Address Feature


Ranger Communications once again sets the performance and reliability standard for entry level amateur mobile transceivers with the latest generation of our popular RCI-2950DX/70 series of cost effective, multi mode, high performance transceivers.

Introducing the new RCI-2950DX & RCI-2970N2. These new models feature microprocessor control of not one but two amateur bands. The new RCI-2950DX, rated at 25W PEP and the RCI-2970N2, rated at 200W PEP are perfect for the recent band openings on 10 and 12 meters. Now you can upgrade your mobile Ham capabilities with a radio that is rich in features and reasonable in cost. 

The new models have retained the operating features of its popular predecessors, including programmable repeater offset and capabilities for a CTCSS tone option — great for increasing repeater activity on 10 meters — and receiver scanning for quick search of active frequencies. The units offer three methods of frequency selection, non-volatile memory to store and scan up to ten favorite frequencies, and front panel frequency selector lockout.

In addition, the Series offers an impressive array of design and performance improvements:

—  An improved receiver: designed for increased sensitivity and image rejections.

—  A double FET balanced mixer: for improved receiver intermodulation rejection.

—  New power supply protection: and temperature compensation for improved stability and reliability over wide temperature ranges.

—  Surface mount components: for increased resistance to shock and vibration.

—  Improved display lighting: for easy reading in a wide range of light conditions.

—  Variable Power Output from 2 watts to 25 watts (RCI-2950DX), 10 watts to 200 watts (


All mode operation: Operate on USB, LSB, CW, AM and FM

Programmable Frequency : Program up to 16 of your most desired frequencies.

Programming tone : Audible tone indicates change in function

Multi-Function LCD Display : Displays frequency and had S/RF/Modulation and self-set. Automatic SWR Metering

RIT Control: Receiver incremental tuning to fine tune the receiver frequency

Microphone with UP/Down select : Select desired frequencies from the microphone, great for mobile operation

Frequency lock : locks your desired frequency in place

CW operation : easy rear panel connection, for CW key

External speaker connection : place external speaker anywhere for convenient listening

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